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  1. Kathleen and Laya Marie Hutson

    My Granddaughter, Laya Marie, was so interested in the ads for Rileys Childrens Hospital. Asking me why they are sick and how she could help. She lives in Lake County, Indiana, so she doesn’t see as much information on Riley’s. and other childrens hospitals, as we do here in Pulaski county. She asked if we could take some toys to them, and I told her, Yes, we can do a toy drive. She wants to bring the toys (or other donations) to the hospital herself. She would like to meet some of the children, if possible. So… we are going to start with our toy drive, and will be contacting you in a couple weeks with our delivery date! I have read and understand that all have to be packaged, and safe, non-toxic, latex free, and no toy guns, knives, etc. Looking forward to meeting you all!!! Kathleen and Laya Marie Hutson.

    1. admin

      Hi Kathleen, Wow, I apologize for the time delay, we weren’t even aware that comments could be made when signing up for subscription! I’ll send you an email from my outlook with the information for a toy drive!! Thank you & Laya so much for your interest in helping our kiddos! -Teresa Harper

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