In-Kind Donations

In-kind donations given to the Riley Cheer Guild are used within the Toy Room, where over 14,000 items are distributed each month to patients. These items are given as gifts for the patients and families to keep. Toys can help to pass the time or can be used to distract a child during a painful procedure.  Games, art materials, books, movies, and music can add opportunities for children to learn, play, and grow as they spend time in their hospital room. The Riley Cheer Guild has a wish list of items that are frequently requested by patients. If purchasing toys, we encourage donors to purchase from the wish list.  For more information, contact the Riley Cheer Guild office at (317) 944-8705.

Due to limited storage, we cannot accept handmade items at this time.  For information about this change, please read below. 

Due to limited storage space, monetary donations and gift cards are just as significant as the in-kind toy donations for the Toy Room. These donations give us the opportunity to purchase the toys we need at the time we need them.

To see the current Toy Room Wish List, please click on the link below:

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Delivery Guidelines

When making a donation to the Riley Cheer Guild’s Toy room, please call if you need special assistance due to the size or nature of your donation in advance of delivery so that we can add you or your organization to our calendar and have preparations made to accept your donation. Our Office number is (317) 944-8705.

To download a Donation Tax Receipt form, please click on the link below:

Download Form

Make Deliveries 5am - 9pm 7 Days Per Week

Simon Family Tower
(North Entrance)
705 Riley Hospital for Children
Indianapolis, IN 46202

When you arrive at the hospital, please let the Information Desk know you have a donation for the Riley Cheer Guild.

Donation Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines and procedures when purchasing and/or referring persons to Riley at IU Health for donations.

  • Safety and infection control standards are priority concerns.
  • Toys must be NEW and clean with no broken or missing pieces.
  • Toys and art supplies need to be non-toxic.
  • No toys or books with button batteries.
  • No used or previously owned stuffed animals can be accepted.
  • Toys made of materials that are easily broken causing possible sharp edges are not appropriate.
  • Please donate toys with few or no loose pieces.
  • Please do not gift wrap any donations.
  • Many of our patients have restricted diets; therefore, food and candy cannot be distributed.
  • No latex balloons are allowed for allergy and safety reasons. Mylar balloons are acceptable.
  • All donations of children’s books, magazines, movies, and library materials may be new or used, but they must not include inappropriate content. Also, magazines may not be older than six months from the publication date.
  • If stored, all donations must have been in areas away from contact with mold, mildew, and cigarette smoke. Items should not be stored in trash bags; however, you may place your donations in them for delivery purposes.
  • Donation forms can be received from a Riley Information Desk at any time. Please complete the donation form in full and be as specific as possible about the items you are donating. The form is carbon copied, so donors can keep a copy for their tax purposes. All money and gift cards should be reflected on the form in addition to toys and handmade items.
  • Donated items may not be distributed to patients by the donor. All donations go through a screening process prior to being available for distribution, then Riley staff will distribute the donated items to patients.

Hand Made Items

UPDATE 4/2/2018: At this time, we are not able to accept handmade items due to the overwhelming generosity of our donors and limited storage space.  Please email  to be placed on a waiting list for notification when we are in need of additional items. 

Due to Riley Hospital for Children’s continued commitment to patient safety and changes in hospital infection prevention procedures, the Riley Cheer Guild can no longer hand out handmade bedding (quilts and blankets) and clothing items (hats and pinafores) to pediatric patients while they are inpatients.  Contracted hospital linens and clothing are washed, dried, and stored according to specifications which ensure that patients are not exposed to outside organisms which decreases their risk for acquiring an infection while hospitalized.

Patients may receive items at the time of discharge, and Cheer Guild volunteers bag these items and label them:

“This item has been made for you by members of the community for your comfort. Please take this item home, remove it from the bag, and wash before use.  Please support safe sleep for infants up to one year of age by making sure that all items are removed from the child’s bed including blankets, pillows, and toys.”

If you are a CURRENT donor of handmade items, please contact Ann Hannan at to be placed on a waiting list for needed items.

Thanks for your service and for helping to keep our patients safe!

UPDATE: Handmade Greeting Cards

We all enjoy receiving mail, right? Especially if it is a brightly colored, handmade card, with sweet sentiments.  At Riley Hospital for Children, we are not able to hand out cards to patients directly for several reasons including:

  1. Families come from a variety of cultural, religious, and family backgrounds. Hospital staff must be very careful to respect these important aspects of our patients with regards to holidays and celebrations.
  2. Kind messages can be perceived differently by children facing a potentially life limiting or chronic illness. Reading “get well” when you are told that your tumor is inoperable or “you will go home soon” when you are on a transplant list or “you are beautiful” right after you have lost your hair to treatment can actually make kids feel sad despite the positive intention to provide love and comfort.
  3. Some cards ask for patients to respond to the writer and include the writer’s name and contact information. This is a privacy concern and a safety concern for both the writer and the patient who might receive the card.
  4. Some children are anxious about being in the hospital. Receiving a card from an unknown person increases this anxiety for some children. Even though some may enjoy this gift, staff must protect all patients by anticipating this concern for even a few patients and families.
  5. Handmade cards are not regulated by manufacturing processes to evaluate safety hazards such as materials that may cause a choking hazard which can place our patients at risk when they are vulnerable.

If you have any questions about this shift in supporting patients and families, please feel free to reach out to us directly at (317) 944-8705, and thanks for always helping us to put our patients and families first! Please continue to share cards with your local community centers, churches, long term care facilities, and daycare centers.  You will be spreading comfort to your entire community!

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