Individual Giving

Online Giving

Online giving allows you to donate money using your credit card in a safe and secure manner. Credit cards accepted are Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Donate now!

Pay by Phone

You can call our office at (317) 944-8705 to make a credit card donation over the phone.

By Mail

To mail your gift, simply make checks payable to “Riley Cheer Guild” and send to the address below. Please add details of your gift (donation, toy room, dues, etc) to the check memo line. Please feel free to include a letter giving us further details of your gift.

Mail to:
Riley Cheer Guild
705 Riley Hospital Drive, Room 4510
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Other Ways to Give:

Here are a few other options you may want to consider in your giving. Please contact us if you have any questions or if you have additional ideas that you would like to get our input on. We can be reached at (317) 944-8705.

Wish List
The Riley Cheer Guild relies heavily on the community to donate toys, handmade items, school supplies, and much more. When we don’t receive the items needed, we must purchase them. Therefore we have created a wish list of high demand items, as well as items that are in short supply. Clink on the link below (add link) to access the wish list and donation guidelines. Please call us at (317) 944-8705 if you have any questions.

Many companies sponsor matching gift programs where they match the charitable donation made by their employees. If you or your spouse work for a matching gift company, you can multiply the impact of your gift. Contact your human resources department to learn about the steps you need to take to ensure that your gift is matched. If a form needs to be completed, please complete your portion of the form and mail it in along with your donation.

Kroger Cares
Most of us regularly buy drugstore and household items, groceries, and fuel. Now you can help us raise funds by purchasing these items using a Kroger Cares Gift Card that you purchase directly from the Riley Cheer Guild. These cards are reloadable cards that are sold at face value, and every time we reach $5,000 in Kroger Cares Gift Cards, Kroger will send the Riley Cheer Guild a rebate check for $150. These gift cards may be used to purchase virtually anything at Kroger, even fuel! They are linked to the Riley Cheer Guild with a serial number on the back of the card. When your card runs out of money, you can reload the card at your local Kroger store and the reload will increase the Riley Cheer Guild sales, which will help us to receive our rebate check sooner!

  • Contact the Riley Cheer Guild to place an order for one or more Kroger Cares gift cards in denominations between $25 and $500.
  • You will make a check out to Kroger in the total amount you requested in cards. Your check should be mailed to the Riley Cheer Guild at the following address: 705 Riley Hospital Drive, Room 4510, Indianapolis, IN 46202, Attention Ann Hannan: Kroger Cares
  • The Riley Cheer Guild office will order your Kroger Cares gift card(s). These cards have a serial number on the back that links them to the Riley Cheer Guild.
  • The Riley Cheer Guild will mail your Kroger Cares Gift Card(s) to the address you provide
  • When your card runs out of money, you can simply reload the card at the Kroger Customer Service Desk on your next shopping trip.
  • Call the Riley Cheer Guild at (317) 944-8705 to order your card now or to inquire further.

Box Tops
Collect the box tops off of General Mills products. They can be turned into cash to help the Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health School Program. Just save the box top symbols! Then mail them in to the Riley Cheer Guild office at 705 Riley Hospital Drive, Room 4510, Indianapolis, IN 46202.

Gift Planning
A charitable bequest is a distribution from your estate to the Riley Cheer Guild through your last will and testament. You can designate a fixed percentage of your estate, a fixed amount, or a residual amount.

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