Meet Jocelyn


Jocelyn was born with a cleft palate. Her parents were told when she was only a week old that she would need to have surgery to repair it. The week she turned one year old, she had surgery at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health. She experienced a longer hospital recovery than most children who have the same surgery. During her stay she received a few gifts from Riley Cheer Guild, which her mom explained was a true blessing. Her favorite gift was a little boombox that sang songs in English and Spanish. Jocelyn quickly memorized all of the songs! Her mom was very sentimental about keeping the gifts her daughter had received from Riley Cheer Guild, and now that Jocelyn has a younger sister, they play the boombox together. When the songs are played, mom still remembers the time they spent at Riley. While that time was very challenging, she knew Jocelyn was at the right hospital receiving the best care.

After Jocelyn’s surgery, she visited Riley numerous times for hearing tests, speech evaluations, and check-ups. Doctors prepared her parent for additional surgeries if she couldn’t pronounce certain words correctly once she began talking. Luckily, she began speaking with ease and clearly pronounced words, therefore she did not require additional surgeries! Her mom shared, “Having a child in a hospital can be a dark and depressing time, but Riley Cheer Guild brings a little sunshine and happiness to the patients and families at the hospital. As a business owner, I now give back to Riley Cheer Guild. I hope more people can get involved, so together we can make the hospital experience for these children a little easier.”

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