Meet Molly


Molly was born extremely premature at 23 weeks gestation. She was given a 15% chance of survival and spent the first 8 months of her life at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health. During that time, she received therapies that helped to give her a solid foundation, both physically and mentally! Molly was still in the NICU when she experienced her first Christmas. Therefore, thanks to Riley Cheer Guild, she received her first visit and gift from Santa while in the NICU. As she grew, she loved playing with the toy mirror she had received that Christmas and several years later passed the toy mirror down to her baby brother!

On her birthday one year, Molly was admitted to the ICU. Once again, gifts were provided by Riley Cheer Guild, along with a small cake and balloons so that her family could celebrate her birthday! Molly’s mom said, “It brought some normalcy to her little life. They took the rough experience of being admitted to the hospital and made her feel special, which allowed her to forget about her sickness for a while!”

Molly has required multiple surgeries including eye surgery, the insertion of a tracheotomy and g-tube, repairing a valve between her heart and lungs, and finally reconstruction of her airway and closure of her stoma after removing her trach. During her hospital stays, she has received music therapy, which is funded by Riley Cheer Guild. When the music therapist would play the piano or sing, Molly would perk up and get very excited. The music therapist even taught her parents soothing songs they could sing to help calm her during stressful times. Molly’s mom expressed, “Our whole family looked forward to the time we got to spend with the music therapist. It gave us something positive to look forward to each week. Molly has always loved music and now writes her own songs! She and her daddy pick a subject and start writing.”

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