Meet Sherry


Sherry is a patient at the Simon Cancer Center. She was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer at the age of 51. Since her diagnosis, she has had two reoccurrences of tumors in her brain. Thankfully, all of the tumors were successfully removed during surgery, or by the use of the gamma knife, therefore she is currently tumor free! Although Sherry has no tumors, she will need to continue chemotherapy treatments every three weeks for the rest of her life, while also receiving hormone shots every two weeks.

Sherry is always accompanied by her mother and sister to the hospital and looks forward to making crafts with them during her treatments. She especially enjoys making dream catchers. The crafts are provided during Art Therapy, which is funded by Riley Cheer Guild. Board certified art therapists travel throughout the Cancer Center with a mobile art cart so they can offer services to multiple cancer patients and their caregivers.

“I rang the bell when I finished my first rounds of chemotherapy, hoping it would be my last, but I know now that I will never get to experience the joy of ringing out again,” Sherry told us. She cherishes the small things and always makes the best of the hand she has been dealt. She continued by saying, “I look forward to getting to do the crafts and artwork that the art cart provides to me. It may not seem like much, but to me, it means a lot!”

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